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Full Version: N.O.W and Coach Paterno
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Every single now and once more a story comes along that genuinely burns your backside and recently in the news there's been talk about the National Organization for Girls producing a huge deal about some words coach Paterno of Penn State said in the course of a press conference concerning a Florida State football player and the situation the player finds himself in concerning allegations a lady has made against him.

The FSU player Nicholson who is a very very good player was held out of the bowl game among PSU and FSU more than allegations that he was involved in some sort of situation with a woman.

Paterno was asked about it during a press conference and Paterno who is usually a gentleman of great nature and sense fundamentally stated it is tough out there in the planet and you have to be cautious and children have to be wise and know who they are finding involved with and so on and so forth.

The coach was not accusing Nicholson and he was not accusing this woman of something in my thoughts he was merely stating the situation of the globe today and the require to be cautious in it.

The womans organization took a hissy fit and asked for the coach to be removed after all these great years of service and right after all these years of hunting immediately after youngsters and producing sure they graduated and got excellent grades since I suppose they believe he wasn't sympathetic enough to this lady who is producing the accusations against this player.

My feeling on this is when did we on this planet turn into guilty till confirmed innocent? In this nation we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Identify more on by going to our thrilling paper. Visit University’s Lawyer Comments On Sexual Assault and Allegations Against Football Coach to check up the purpose of it. I am asking yourself really why Nicholson of FSU was not permitted to play and what was the basis for not permitting him to play? Anybody can make an accusation against an individual of anything but till there is proof of a crime an allegation is just an allegation.

Let's say it turns out Nicholson is indeed innocent then can he sue this woman and turn back time to play in the most significant college game of his life? He'll get absolutely nothing and nonetheless miss the largest college game of his profession due to the fact a person alledged one thing which in my thoughts is not fair in the least.

Do not get me incorrect if indeed evidence comes forward to discover Nicholson did do some thing then I really feel for this girl and her loved ones but let's remember that it really is innocent till proven guilty people and lets not bring out the firing squad when excellent coaches and very good guys give an opinion.

Let's see the evidence and have it bring out the facts initial ahead of we make our choices on Nicholson and we certainly really should not involve a fantastic coach and a wonderful man in this nonsense for generating a comment.

I am disappointed that a national organization would be so fast to jump on an innocent man and a great coach and function model more than his comments that to me seemed fine. The National Organization for Women or NOW as they are known ought to be ashamed truly and should get facts on situations and get evidence prior to they send out the axe man.. Should you need to discover further about University’s Lawyer Comments On Sexual Assault and Allegations Against Football Coach, we know of many online resources you might consider investigating.
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