Prosperity Is Created By Focusing In Stocks
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01-13-2018 03:26 AM

STOP trying to make the perfect trading system. There's not just one.

Phew..what a relief. End spending those hours creating more and more trading rules and realize this:

Money generation in-the stock exchange is made from CONCENTRATION. That is right. Trading the top stocks atthe right time with enough capital to make a difference.

You should go from wealth CREATION to wealth maintance within this game. Unless you plan on 'trading' for your next 25+ y...


QUIT to produce an ideal trading system. There's not one.

Phew..what a reduction. Stop spending those hours producing more and more trading rules and recognize this:

Money development in-the stock market is made from CONCENTRATION. That is right. Trading the top stocks atthe right time with enough cash to make a big difference.

You must go from wealth CREATION to wealth maintance in this game. Unless you intend on 'trading' for that next 25+ years and building wealth slowly.. This really is my plan of tips on how to make millions in the investment market:

In Darvas's guide 'How I Made $2 Million...'

Exactly how many viewed his position dimension? In his early trades Darvas only trade a few shares at any one time on MARGIN! Only once he got up-to over $500,000 did he start diversifying a bit. Dig up further on markus heitkoetter by visiting our impressive article. A lot of people overlook these facts.

MY Energy Investment PLAN:




Begin with:

$50,000 Trade 2 shares with half money in each.

THREAT Per TRADE = five minutes

When at $100,000 Trade 3 stocks with 1/3 capital in each.

Chance Per Trade = three full minutes

When at:

$500,000 Trade 5 shares with 1/5 capital:

Chance Per Trade = 2000

When at $2 Million Trade 8 shares with 1/8 capital:

Risk Per Trade = 1.25-inch

You first need to produce money in order to maintain it. While trading only two stocks at any given time could be considered to dangerous by the experts you have to be very particular to the stocks you trade. Quality beats volume. Particularly when you focus so much.

This is the only way a small account can break in to the big-time. You mustn't only focus your efforts in the early stages but you must also onlytrade the top 0.1% of shares within the marketand get yourtiming SPOT ON..

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